We, at Abhikalpan believe in thoughtful planning and design that helps to invigorate the developmental potential of the project. Meanwhile beyond spatial designs, our master planning ideas form its basis on architectural principles and ecological diversities.


Our ultimate priority and aim is to produce fine grained architecture for our clients, as well as to the society. Our pertinence to social context, coherent with cultural identity helps us achieve architectural excellence and professional integrity.


According to us, in addition to complimenting the architectural style, the landscape design also reflects the different characteristics of the functional areas. Landscape elements are therefore rationally arranged in response to the local environment. A magnificent quality of landscape, reflects the ideology and feeling of humanity.


We understand that, Interior spaces strive for tranquility qualified space, light and compositional order. Thus, we thrive on the idea of distilling the spatial ideas to its very essence. Clarifying the structure till its intricate details allows the tectonics of the materials & reveals the rudiments of architectural space-making.